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BIPOC Wellness Services

What is life coaching?


Think of the last time you truly felt in full alignment with your highest joy? What were you doing? Who were you with? What time of day was it? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could orchestrate a lifestyle that served your highest joy?


Coaching is a little like getting a personal trainer - without the yelling. You show up. I help you see how to get results within the areas you feel stuck or are just not pushing yourself. You start learning how you can show up in those places as your best self and get more comfortable with the discomfort of growth.


Unlike coaching at the gym, I want to empower you to NOT need me in the future.


I want you to start noticing patterns within yourself when you're not showing up as your best, or choosing the path of least resistance.


"Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship." - Denzel Washington

I know. You've seen a million ads for life coaching in the past - I have too. I always felt like I was not seeing myself in those spaces. I was the ONLY person of color in every coaching event I attended. During my own experience with coaching, I felt like I couldn't fully be myself because of the huge cultural gap.


Each BIPOC LIFE experience is different. This is why the LIFE coaching experience should be different too! We need spaces curated BY BIPOCs, FOR BIPOCs (FUBU).


If you're a skeptic, or just curious to learn about my approach, (after the many programs I've attended that just weren't getting it), let's chat!


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